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Taking your dog with you on a trip can be a lot of fun and provide great benefits for both you and your pooch. But there are also some unique challenges and concerns that can make it seem a little stressful.Read more

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Travel Crates

The Ultimate Dog Travel Crate Buying Guide

If you’re thinking about taking your dog with you on your next trip, you are probably aware that you will need to bring some extra supplies to keep them safe […]

The Ultimate Dog Carrier Backpack Buying Guide

The Ultimate Dog Carrier Backpack Buying Guide

Before you take your dog on a trip with you, you will need to get prepared by doing a lot of research and gathering together the right set of supplies. […]

The Ultimate Dog Carrier Buying Guide

The Ultimate Dog Carrier Buying Guide

For small and medium dogs (and even some of the smaller large breeds), a dog carrier is an essential accessory to have while traveling. When in a car, plane, or […]


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Product reviews

Owner Next to a Dog In Soft Crate

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

This is a very well built soft sided dog crate from the New York based EliteField. It was designed to be extremely versatile so that you could use it as […]


AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

Dog carriers are extremely convenient for keeping your dog safe while you are out and about or travelling. Ideally, they allow your dog to rest comfortably while remaining confined to […]

Blue Oxgor Pet Backpack Carrier

OxGord® Dog Pet Carrier Rolling Backpack

Taking your dog on an airplane trip is one of the most challenging ways to travel with a pet. Airlines have tough restrictions and lugging around all your baggage along […]

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